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Marine Biosecurity Manuals & Plans

Marine Biosecurity Manuals & Plans


Operational Plan

Top of the South Council's Marine Biosecurity Operational Plan 2020/21:

Incident Response Manual

The purpose of this Manual is to provide an agreed process for TOS Marine Biosecurity Partners to respond to an incident that poses a marine biosecurity risk within the Top of the South Island region.

Incidents include reports of marine risk organism incursions and suspect risk vectors. This Manual sets out guidance so that decisions and processes are approached in a consistent and agreed manner by all Councils and stakeholders with regional responsibilities under the Partnership.

Current version 3.4 (2nd version) updated 23 October 2023:

Strategic Plan

Summary of the Top of the South Marine Biosecurity Strategic Plan 2021-2030:

Sabella Small Scale Management Programme

The purpose of these small-scale management programmes is to set out the measures that the three Councils will use to manage the impacts of Sabella in their district in the next three years.

Annual Report

TOS Marine Biosecurity Coordination Annual Report - July 2019 to June 2020:

TOS Marine Biosecurity Coordination Annual Report - July 2017 to June 2018: